Exploring Students’ Ability in Applying Conjunction in Writing Re-search Proposal at Eight Semester Students of Unimuda Sorong


  • Raisa Anakotta 1Universitas Pendidikan Muhammadiyah Sorong




conjunction, research proposal, English department students


Although having three courses of writing, college students’ especially at Unimuda Sorong often forget to apply conjunction to their writing when composing text. Students also tended to make very long sentence in a text that sometimes make the main ideas were difficult to be understood. Thus, this research aimed at exploring students’ ability in applying conjunction in writing research proposal. This qualitative research design used eight semester of English department students as the subject. The data was collected by document analysis. The obtained data was analyzed using the theory by Spradley. The results of this research showed that English department students’ used three kinds of conjunction, these were coordinating conjunction, correlative conjunction and subordinating conjunction, to join clauses or ideas. The mostly used conjunctions were coordinating conjunction and subordinating conjunction. In the chapter introduction, the conjunctions used to emphasize, give detail information and give strong reason for taking certain topic for research. It also used to influence the reader to agree with the information presented by the researchers. In the chapter research methodology, the students tended to use subordinating conjunction to ease students in presenting phases or steps in planning, organizing and conducting their research


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