Analysis of the Use of Google Classroom in English Learning at 3T Rural Regions


  • Gemminastiti Eka Putri Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
  • Nur Fatimah Universitas Ahmad Dahlan



Google Classroom, English Learning, 3T Region


The Google classroom platform is one of the ones used in online learning during the pandemic, Google Classroom is a new Google product for academic institutions that aims to provide a blended learning platform that makes it easier to create, distribute, and grade assignments without using paper. It mixes traditional classroom approaches with online digital media. This article explains the facts based on a preliminary study in using Google classroom related to learning English in junior high schools in the 3T region. The research participant was a teacher teaching English at one of the junior high schools in rural area in Riau Island. This research used a qualitative research method with a case study design. Data were collected through open-ended interviews with junior high school teachers. The results show that the use of Google classroom is able to simplify and help the English teacher's work during Pandemic Covid 19. The results also show that learning English is not optimal because there are obstacles in the network, parental supervision and student motivation.


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