EFL Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitude towards PPL Program through Teacher Attitude Inventory


  • Siti Azizah Nur Astuti Universitas Muhammadiyah Cirebon
  • Dila Charisma Universitas Muhammadiyah Cirebon
  • Hanif Nurcholish Adiantika Universitas Muhammadiyah Cirebon




Attitude, PPL program, EFL pre-service teachers


The present study is an investigative one which aims at studying the attitude towards PPL program of EFL pre-service teachers. EFL pre-service teacher refers to those who have worked in one profession, such as training or education. PPL activities do not necessarily foster the interest and readiness of students to become teachers. The present study aims to compare the attitude of male and female EFL pre-service teachers towards PPL program. This study employed quantitative approach by using statistical technique as mean, standard deviation, and independent sample t-test. The population in this study amounted to 30 students (8 males and 22 females). The data were collected through the Teacher Attitude Inventory (TAI) developed by Ahluwalia (1971). It is a 90 items on 5 point Likert type scale as strongly agree (SA), agree (A), undecided (U), disagree (D), strongly disagree (SD). After the research data was collected and analyzed, the result showed that compare the attitude of male and female EFL pre-service teachers.


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